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Welcome to the CounselCareCanada Learning Solutions. Programs and Courses have been developed by the Program Director and lead educator, Margaret Elizabeth Myers, a professional educator with the following credentials relevant to courses and programs offered here:

Masters Degree in Adult Education

Doctorate in Education: (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning)

Registered Nurse (Province of Ontario, and PhD in Nursing)

Registered Psychotherapist

Masters Degree in Counselling

Post-Graduate Training in Marriage & Family Therapy

Registered Marriage & Family Training

Post-Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Diplomate with the Academy of Cognitive Therapy

Certified with the Canadian Associate of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists

Diplomate with the Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress/ National  Center for Crisis Management

19 years experience teaching in an online format in a well known graduate university program

Many years experience developing and delivering programs and courses for health care practitioners, including mental health professionals.

CounselCareCanada Learning Solutions is committed to quality, accessible, professional education to enrich the professional lives of adult learners from wherever the internet will reach them. Programs combine high-quality (English) education and training for an exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding educational experience.

CounselCareCanada Learning Solutions understands that today's learners are savvy consumers, searching for timely, relevant, best -practices focused, up-to-date education delivered in an accessible format that fits with their busy lives (often web-based) and in which objectives are clearly identified, where progress can be tracked and monitored, and where they can evaluate learning comprehension and increased competencies.

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